PandA (short for Perception and Action) is a Matlab software toolbox for the analysis of eye-movement, spike, LFP and NIRS signals that is being developed at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. PandA software is released as open source under the GNU general public license.The software includes algorithms for simple and advanced analysis of data, such as eye-position calibration, spike sorting, time-frequency analysis and statistical testing.

Google code

All source code can be found at the PandA code Subversion repository at Google code:


Accessing the PandA source code through SVN

PandA is managed using the Subversion source code version control system, also known as SVN.The recommended SVN client for Windows is Tortoise SVN. This is an SVN client for the Windows platform. It integrates into the Windows Explorer and shell context menus and provides GUI controls for most (if not all) SVN tasks. Download and install Tortoise SVN.

You should create an empty directory (here we use C:\MATLAB\PANDA). With TortoiseSVN installed, right-click on empty space, and select "SVN checkout". As a non-member you can download (check-out) through:

svn checkout

Project members can also commit changes to the code, by supplying their user-name.

Click OK to start downloading the files.

Usual workflow

TortoiseSVN comes with in-depth documentation. For convenience, we'll just cover the three most important use cases.

Updating your local copy

In order to merge changes from other people into your local copy, navigate to the directory you want to update, right-click and choose “SVN Update”.

In case you and other people have worked on the same parts of the same files, these “conflicts” will show up in the message window of TortoiseSVN, and also the icon of those files will look different.

In this way, you will have the most up-to-date version of the PandA code.

Viewing changes

To compare your local version to what is currently in the central repository, right-click a file and select TortoiseSVN - Diff. A new window will display both versions of that file side-by-side and also highlight the differences.

Committing changes

You can modify your files locally, but only project members can commit the changes to he PandA repository, by right-clicking a file or a folder and selecting “SVN Commit”. If you get an error message, you probably first need to update your local copy and possibly resolve conflicts.