This is purely for information. Those manuscripts that are posted here already have a peer-reviewed and published version: please take into account that the experiments described in these manuscripts are done by students, are mostly pilot experiments, and the manuscripts have not gone through the rigorous peer-review process. Otherwise, enjoy.


  • Auditory scene analysis in auditory cortex measured bij fNIRS. Michiel Dirkx (Radboud Honours Bachelor Medicine), Peter Bremen, Ad Snik, John van Opstal, John Middlebrooks, Marc van Wanrooij
  • Lateralization of ripple detection. Maarten van de Kraan (Bachelor Physics), Marc van Wanrooij
  • Sound localization of single-sided deaf with bone bridge. Rens van den Goor (Bachelor Medicine), Martijn Agterberg, Myrthe Hol, Ad Snik, Marc van Wanrooij


  • Linear predictions of monkey primary auditory cortex responses to natural sounds. Boudewijn Kryne (Bachelor Physics), Rohoollah Massoudi, John van Opstal, Marc van Wanrooij
  • Construction and behavioural evaluation of cochlear implant simulators. Erik Groot-Jebbink (Bachelor Technical Medicine), Lucas Mens, Marc van Wanrooij
  • Auditory cortical activation in pre-lingually deaf adults. Birgit Kok (Master Medicine), Louise Straatman, Marc van Wanrooij, J.J.S. Mulder
  • Measuring sound-evoked activity in human auditory cortex with near-infrared spectroscopy. Hai Yin Hu (Master Physical Sciences), Louise Straatman, John van Opstal, Ad Snik and Marc van Wanrooij.
  • Prior knowledge in sound localization. Rachel Gross-Hardt (Master Cognitive Neuroscience), John van Opstal and Marc van Wanrooij.
  • The effect of aging on sound localization. Rik Otte (Bachelor & Master Physical Sciences), John van Opstal, Martijn Agterberg. This was a precursor to: Age-related hearing loss and ear morphology affect vertical but not horizontal sound localization performance. Rik J. Otte, Martijn J.H. Agterberg, Marc M. van Wanrooij, Ad F.M. Snik, A. John van Opstal (2013) J Assoc Res Otolaryngol.


  • Acoustic and behavioural modulations of local field potentials in auditory cortex. Thomas Graefnitz (Master Cognitive Neuroscience), Rohoollah Massoudi, John van Opstal and Marc van Wanrooij.
  • The effect of aging on sound localization. Tine Arts (Bachelor), John van Opstal, Martijn Agterberg.
  • Neural adaptation to luminance and colour stimuli in macaque Superior Colliculus neurons. Roy Reintjes (Bachelor), Doug Munoz, Susan Boehnke, Brian White, Ann Lablans, Rob van der Willigen, John van Opstal, and Marc van Wanrooij.


  • Learning owl ears. Bart Gips (Bachelor Natural Sciences), John van Opstal and Marc van Wanrooij.