Network drives

Here are the names of the network drives at the department of Biophysics of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.


Data Network Drives

Data should be stored on:

  • \\\mbaudit1
  • \\\mbaudit2
  • \\\mbaudit3

A backup of these drives is stored every day. The storage capacity is small (90 GB), so please store only raw experimental data on these files.

Extra Network Drives

For extra storage, one can use:

  • \\mbauditi-srv\mbauditi (under Windows)
  • smb://mbauditi-srv/mbauditi (under Mac)
  • /vol/mbauditi (share on CNCZ managed Linux machines)

Some older file servers, that will be obsolete soon:

  • \\\mbaudit1
  • \\\mbaudit2
  • \\\mbaudit3

These data are not backed up. Therefore, experimental data are not safely stored on these drives. These are intended for temporary central storage of files. Remove files that you do not use.

University Network Drives

Other network drives include:
  • Software: \\\install
  • Home-directory: \\\[username]
  • Website: \\\wwwmbfys


For permission to access these drives, ask Gunter or CNCZ.